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Easy Rain Woman black color

Product code: 12CBKDK04022.003618-999

Easy Rain is a raincoat inspired by models popular in the 80s and it has been created using a rubberized stretch fabric that offers a new fit.
Easy Rain’s fabric is accomplished using the most sophisticated techniques that allows to match a warp-knit fabric with a mixture of PVC and Polyurethane that recreates the
performances of old Nordic seas fishermen’s oilskins jackets, avoiding stiffness and enhancing its malleability.
Internal warp-knit nylon, allows to coat the jacket inside starting from the head, sealing the jacket and greatly improving its performances.
All zip are coated with auto-lock slider.
  • Women’s Sizes: XS-XL
  • Material: 78% PVC - 14% PA - 8% PU
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