About Us

The Company “motto” is

“Uncompromising Performance”

From over 60 years Blauer is the leading brand in america for supplying technical garments to all law enforcement and to some select sectors of the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy officers or the commando guarding the White House in Washington. The constant attention to the garments functionality and the stylistic and technical innovation has allowed Blauer to achieve a prevailing position on the market of the uniforms.

The Company “motto” is “Uncompromising Performance”.

These garments are available in Italy and Europe, for the world of fashion, thanks to FGF Industry Spa. They are addressed to a public keen on “made in U.S.A.” brands and on technical items which could boast their own history and claim the title of “authentic-original” even if improved in comfort and fitting adopting characteristics and shapes which are necessary for the European Market.

Design & Technology

Safety, technicity and innovation wisely mixed with elegance, design and passion

Blauer HT was born as a development of the brand. It is a cutting edge clothing line created following technical, functional and high performance standards. The fabrics are technologic, innovative and performing and they have highly technical characteristics such as transpirability, permeability and wind resistance. The collection is studied for the cosmopolitan “urban traveller”, Blauer HT is inspired by functional superiority and technological innovation in order to increase the quality of comfort and the freedom of the motion. Thanks to the line simplicity, the refined and particular shades, the exclusivity of the chromatics matches, these helmets are a reference point for the new rider.

Safety, technicity and innovation wisely mixed with elegance, design and passion make our helmets “Blauer Helmets”.

Blauer HT is presented through a selection of the best specialized shops of the motorbike and fashion world.